About Us

Hi, we are Merneadan Raffle

Merneadan Raffle is operated and owned by Jodi Phillips and roped in family members and friends who are far more tech savvy than me. It has been created with the intention to raise money for charity and good causes. Motivated by a family friend currently attempting to raise funds for life saving surgery not available in the UK or funded by the NHS. I was unable to donate what I wanted to make a difference and I started to research how I could.

By creating these raffles, I am able to potentially give life changing funds to a lucky winner or winners as well as change the course of someone’s life through charitable donations. The more users means the bigger the jackpots, the better ability to provide multiple winners and make money for charity.

My initial goal is to provide 25% of profit to charities and good causes. I will review this regularly and hope to increase this as time goes on.

For full transparency, draws will be done live on Facebook and Instagram with a random number generator giving us the ticket number of the winner(s). We will also inform everyone of how much we have raised for charity and which charity or fundraiser will be receiving the money.

We’re looking forward to making your dreams a reality, thanks for playing, and good luck!

Much love from team Merneadan Raffle